Acquire is specialize in the development of software for interactive solutions and Digital Signage content management. Includes features to centrally control one player or thousands of players, whether Digital Signage or Interactive systems. This software includes all of our Plug-ins to add hundreds of features not found in other software systems. Also, different network platform includes: Single, LAN/WAN, SaaS and Clouding.

With powerful features such as Playback of nearly any media type, Touch screen support, Multi-monitor/video wall support, Playback Synchronization, OS protection and auto repair, direct data source connecting and has capability to operate on any Window (XP/Vista/7) computer, Acquire has achieved multi-award winning on Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosk software.

As well as their award-winning product range they also develop pioneering custom-built solutions to clients across all industries and sectors. By keeping their customers at the heart of the development process they maintain quality and relevance by adding features and creating new products that are simple in design but provide a powerful end result.

Tel:(853) 2870 5399 Fax:(853) 2870 5398